0420 Trust Nature

It's said that every species in the world
displays one gift beyond the scope of Man.
How dangerous the skies - for men, and birds -
how soiled the air, if wings were in Man's span!

Suppose that every species made extinct
by Man, the guardian of all things that live,
deprived us (as indeed it may..) by dint
of mindlessness, of something God's mind gives?

I watch the spider, humble in my praise:
self-spinning tightrope walker; engineer;
the knower of all Nature's weathered ways
and bold explorer on the winds that veer:

Nature spares the spider Man's wild mind;
should mind in Nature rest, there's more to find.

by Michael Shepherd

Comments (4)

Michael this was lovely. You gave a clear message and did it very well. Hugs Jan
I wish that every species that nature has so delicately created could be saved from the imminent doom caused by us humans...
excuse mispelling of 'dwindle', Sxx
Yes, if only we could trust the mind to overthrow this stupid waste of life.. but in this world of hawks, action is the leader and not the dove's thought. Man will reign unfortunately and serve to undo evolution until everything, even the spider, is gone. Yours in hope, as it dwindels, Sxx