(056) A Few Small Wishes

Dear God please grant me
A few small wishes
I love to eat puddings and
Other tasty dishes
I want to fly with birds
In the sky so blue and clear like glass
But we humans on earth are bored
And jealous that we are down-class
I want to be a baby again
To get love and nice cuddles
And in monsoon get permission like other kids
To splash water in puddles
But I sometimes want to be an adult
So I can boss youngsters around
I can do things in peace
And in the house there won’t be much sound
Oh God, please you can at least grant
One as these wishes is not tough
And if (hope not) you can’t grant any
A good night’s sleep is enough.

by Risha Ahmed (12 yrs)

Comments (4)

Wishes and dreams keeps us young, keep up the fine work...
Risha, accepting a good night's sleep in lieu of grandiose wishes is great wisdom - awakening refreshed after repose means most problems somehow magically disappear... Regards, Ivan
Risha, this is nicely done...and wishing is what makes children so...well...accepting of the miracles of life. I like your conclusion to this, for reality did finally creep back in. You are a very talented young lady. Raynette
Risha, do not wish your life away. enjoy each day while you are young, you'll grow up much sooner than you think. Enjoy having fun with all of your friends, because when you reach my age you'll be wishing you were young again. I guess I still am at heart because I go away every other weekend and roll back my childhood playing Cowboys and Indians with a lot of other old youngsters. Wonderful poem. I'm sure god will grant you a good night sleep. Top Marks from me and thanks for sharing it my Princess of Poetry. David