06 His Only Daughter

I watch my daughter's reflection
in the bathroom mirror

while her father awkwardly combs

by Lori Boulard Click to read full poem

Comments (6)

Oh I loved this one.... This brought back memories of me - a man struggling to put 'Bobbles' in my daughters lovely fine blonde hair. Trying to get the 'twist' right and her little breathless giggles at twenty attempts! Just wonderful.... Rogerx.
so very beautiful-as I read this I saw myself and felt myself in that very moment with my father...Wonderful imagery presented in a very organized, flowing manner :)
I like this poem very much..........especially the last lines are quite sentimental and touching.............Great.
marvelous depiction of a doting father, a beautiful scene, excellent structure and flow. very enjoyable read and masterful work, Lori. -Tailor
I think your daughter is a fortunate young lady. Having a loving father will hopefully set a standard for her that will lead her to a loving husband. My wife and I rejoiced when our daughter married a super young man. Want to see any pictures of the grandkids?
This is a fine poem Lori. Filled with maternal compassion and gentle irony and wirtten with a masterful pen. I loved it. Allie xxxxxxxxxxx