06. Long Wind (4 Poems)

I. Long Wind

Long wind in the empty corridor
silence, but not quiet at all
faint beam shining through windows
projections-scattered on the floor

Just walking down the stairs
when I saw it at the other end
the distorted thick black shadow
I startled, and the wind started chasing after me

II. Life in a swirl

I ran down the stairs, hoping to escape
almost as close the shadow chased
Just looking down makes me scared
The swirling stairs, seemed to have no end

The faster I ran, the faster it flew
until I was not able to walk a single step
then I felt the shadow coming from behind
and it clutched my neck, and I collapsed…

III. Conversations

The corridor seemed to be even darker
No more long wind, only soft breezes
One ghost sat beside the shadow
Moonlight poured over them both

“Who are you? Where do you come from? ”
The shadow sulked and said nothing.
“Then why do you keep following me? ”
It paused and said, “Because I am you.”

IV. Night Walk—Solitude

Walking on the path alone
dispersed from the big company
passing the first lamppost
the great shadow emerged in front
slipping gently beside me

Yet it comes to me again
in front of the second lamppost
I turned around, I ran,
but the shadow refused to leave
the faster I fled, the faster it chased

So exhausted that I could not proceed anymore
I stopped, and looked back
not a single creature on the lane

Long wind whispering…
lonely night on endless road
the shadow was the only one who accompanied me to perpetuity.

(May 15,2004)

by Eugene Issaus

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