(06) - Trail Of The Dead

He finds the body of the old man,
Pale, as they all are,
He shakes his head,
Knowing the cursed nightmare
The man would soon exist in.
He could sense her, somehow-
Some shred of her former life,
Leaving its residue behind her.
Tears stream down the face of the Hunter.

It has become
-Never again will she live,
For she is now dead,
And doomed.-
He knows in that instant
What he must do.
Lover - enemy,
Blurred into one,
But enemy first.
Anger burns hot in his chest,
A lust for vengeance
Upon the thousand year terror.

He fears for her,
Irredeemably lost.
Behind her she will leave
A trail-
Of dead,
Of Changed.

Burn in his eyes.
Nemesis is on the hunt.

by James Grengs

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