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Poem By Marie Lovett

We walked to work, just another day
How were we to know it would turn out that way
At almost 9am,7th of July
I found myself, like many others, asking why? ?

The bombers had struck on bus and train
Their purpose done….to kill and maim
The reason, they say, is in the name of religion
If only they had had a clearer sense of vision.

London, Great Britain, has been shattered,
Various feelings….Anger, Bruised and Battered.
We stand together now and in future
No matter what is done, we will endure! ! !

You thought London would come to an end
Well you were wrong, wasn’t you mind friend
We huddle together and help one another
Joining as one all sisters and brothers

We returned to work July the 8th
Putting our futures in Love and Faith
You will not win, no matter what
Because we have each other, that’s what we’ve got! ! !

God Bless, Keep Safe

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