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(07) - Rendezvous Of Darkness

She hungers again.
Her eyes, dim, red
With the lust for blood.
She controls within her a power
Even her father,
In his thousand years
Of experience,
Never knew.
She has within her yet
Like none of her new brethren.

They are dead,
She is not dead,
She is dry,
And she is mad.
Insanity clings to her like a garment,
And it drives her to blood.

He, her father, can sense her awake.
Now, too, he can sense her life.
He knows his method,
Honed by a millenia, waking dead.
Yet she lives,
Her heart is still,
With no blood to make flow,
But her spirit is aflame.

Suddenly, he fears again.
She has great power, in life.
He is driven, now, by something other than hunger.
Now a new desire enters him.
Knowing this power,
But not its origin,
He lusts.

A cry in the night- inhuman,
She hears it, and heeds it-
The call of her father.

A rendezvous of darkness-
Two creatures, existing, not living,
Dark words spoken by dead minds.
His voice, shrill, hoarse
She hears, understands
-Rare ability, in one so young.-

They speak of darkness,
She is new,
And her thoughts are ever driven
Back to the hunger of the dead.

She is mad,
Such comes, he realizes,
From the power within her.
She knows, fully, what she is,
With a trace of remembering
What she once was.

His fear is dispelled:
She cannot know
Her own potential.
His daughter,
Mortal yet immortal.
Human somehow in more than shape.
His fear-
That she might displace him
With her incredible might-
She is still a child,
In her new being.

A cry, shrill, in the night:
It is the parting cry, then echoed.
Two creatures of the night,

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