(078) Poison Seed

Poem By Risha Ahmed (12 yrs)

To make a poisonous seed
The things you will need
Are rotten cells from human blood
And things found in the mud
And cockroaches so red
And bedbugs from your bed
Powder of a sleeping dose
Cut the tail of a squirrel on tippy toes
That is what you will need
To make a poisonous seed

Comments about (078) Poison Seed

A vampire and a poisoner too... Little Risha you little devil you....: -]
Risha, Where did the inspiration for this poem come from? It was quite unique. It really caught my attention. Thanks for sharing it with me and everyone. Carrie
Risha, If you don't write your age as 9 and present this poem to a stranger; I am sure this poem will be interpreted in hundreds of difffernet shades of meaning. The imagery is too strong and it even tempts me to interpret it as suggestive of evil in the world. But I refrain from it.
hmm...this is quite an interesting recipe! ! ... ;)) Asma...

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