(08) Left, Right& Centre


Left, Right &Centre

At any moment, given
‘Where am I? ” – just ask the question
Either to the ‘Past’ we are clinged on,
Entangled in emotion of what has gone

Cruising in the ‘Future’, or we are
Deep in illusion, with plans & ideas galore
The reality, in the process, we miss
Unable to enjoy the ‘Present’ moment, thus

Why is the present moment so elusive,
To solve this puzzle, is there anything creative
A spiritual marvel & concept so amazing
To the esteemed netizens, I thought of sharing

Left, Right & Centre
A spiritual concept, you were left to wonder
Past, Future & Present – three states of being
Left, Right & Centre – Channels are these denoting

The Left is the Past and Right, the Future
The Present Moment of Reality, the Centre
While Two extremes are Left and Right Channels
The Central Channel denotes complete balance

In meditation, ‘Sahaja Yoga’, the ultimate spiritual science
Brings us in balance and to Central Channel it retains!
In the light of our spirit, with complete balance,
‘The present moment’, we enjoy with divine solace!

Miraculously, the divine works on its own
Capturing the elusive present, divne powers we atone!
Thoughtless! Stressless! We are in total bliss!
Fabulously, The Divine ‘touches’ us!

The ‘Divine’ becomes ‘Tangible'! For us mortals!
Manifested and felt as a refreshing ‘Cool Breeze’!
Unconditionally we love; we learn to forgive
We clear away all emotions negative!

Liberating from the delusion maze
Helping to attain salvation with ease
Sahaja Yoga takes us to a state, so joyous
To believe and enjoy, just try & experience!

(Please visit www.sahajayoga.org and www.freemeditation.ca)

Comments about (08) Left, Right& Centre

Excellent Sahaja Yoga …Balance and Bliss = Evenmindedness … A deep psychic ritual and contemplative … difficult … but not impossible thro’ dispassion [renunciation] Ms. Nivedita 10 UK
Wise words you compose into one of lifes important lessons. Living now takes away all the stress of living, it does however take practice. Meditation, teaches us to be free of thoughts, this gives us freedom to live in the present moment. It is also important we do not attach to this moment. Thank you Vinod 10++++
to live in the present and experience BEING- is the only way to live. however, being householders, it becomes difficult. still to be able to touch joy several times in a day is a good starting point.10 Mamta
To be conscious of of living in the present and moving with the moment is a freeing feeling.....10 very nice poem
This poem is a real study class. 'Unconditionally we love; we learn to forgive'- this is exactly what we require in life. Only out of a conditioned mind- that is set to a particular plane- is born conditonal love. We have only conditions in every context. We require an open mind to face life. Meditative levels should come automatically. Life is a question of deep reflection, contemplation and acceptance of variety. There is an element of truth in everything. Accepting this, we can discard the rest. The poem tends to be a prose at various levels. You can chip in to beautiful verses. My view about poetry is that it is a level beyond prose. Experience will automatically tell you about the difference.

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