(080) Easter Bunny Thief

I have flat feet and a puffy tail
my name is bun bun, I'm a little frail.
I ate my carrots but that's not enough,
I need some really good sweet stuff.
Off to walmart or the safeway store,
I'll hide out and try to score.
humm humm good, I really should
jump in that cart, have a little fart.
Away goes Mrs. Curly Mae,
now I can have a chocolate bar today.
hipity hop, hipity hop,
I'll take my chocolate bar to the street car stop.
I'm just a little bunny, it's not Easter yet.
I'll be ready with lot's of candy,
so don't you fret.

Written: Feb.16,2008

Note: Pardon me, I'm in one of my moods

by Melvina Germain

Comments (4)

Oh my Gosh...were you high on the Lord writing this one? ! Or just on laughing Gas...((Smile)) This is a cute one! Short, sweet and lighthearted...it's 'ALL GOOD! .' Thanx for the laugh Mel............. ((HuG)) Shelley
Mel, maybe some of my nonsense writes are spilling over to you. This made me smile and laugh a little too. Top marks and thanks for sharing it my friend. David
I never understood what rabbits have to do with Easter, sooner eat a rabbit nice..
I like chocolate and Easter! Entertaining write, Melvina!