She loved to eat Pringles
And then have her boyfriend lick her fingers.
It gave her such a tingle.
His finger licks and the taste of Pringles.
She knew that she wouldn't long be single.
If he kept licking her Pringles fingers.

by Lamar Cole

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((087) Secret Thoughts by Melvina Germain.) **A soothing poem of encouragement.
Melvina, I am so impressed with this sad well written poem.It is amazing in it's entirety...what I mean is even though is it sad, it is also happy how the person that is written about in the poem realizes how loved they are and hears the voices of those who love them and it pulls them back... Everytime I turn around...I read another type of poetry you are good at writing are a poet with many sides and opinions and I am glad you share your thoughts with us! ((Smile)) Honestly this poem is great...and the imagery and feeling you put into this piece has confirmed once again that one is never alone even when they are physically...because they always have memories...and they can listen to the voices of the past which pulls them back to the good that untimately surrounds us if we let it! ! Thanx for sharing and Happy belated birthday! Hope you got my message the other day on the phone... Oh and Happy Easter! Thank God Jesus rose again after dieing for us sinners saved by the grace of GOD. Take care of U, =Shelley=
You have great spiritual insight along with compassion and great love as shows from your work. Well done!