Begging For Food

The pangs of hunger drove me from my home;
with no idea of where to go
I travelled on for miles
until I reached a village,
knocked on the nearest door,
blurted out some clumsy words.

The owner understood my need
his warmth dispelled my shame
that I'd come empty-handed.

We played and sang till sunset,
the wine-cups often tilted,
with the pleasure of new-found friends
we chanted and composed verses.

I remember the story of the washerwoman. *
Ashamed that I lack the skills of general Han,
how can I show my gratitude?
I can only repay him in the world to come.

by Tao Yuanming

Comments (4)

Chu goo writes such wonderful haiku's!
Very enthralling kind of haiku. Beautiful
I find 'tottering ballet dance' presents a very imaginative and lively picture. I prefer the first 'dead widow's bamboo bell over the second one. The tanka produces the effect that it describes. Nicely done.
Shadows are eternally fascinating to the poetic mind. But I was most moved by the widow and her bamboo bell. That poignant sound resonates. Warmest regards, Sandra