(09) Home Sweet Home

Poem By J.B. LeBuert

The arduous trek was now over for this year.
The old den was rehabbed and now brought some good cheer.
The three snuggled more now, they were happy and dry.
A cave was better than sleeping under the sky.

They could stay a team, if Shewolf accepts this fate.
She'd have to be alone, if She wanted to mate.
She loved her daughters and the three acted as one.
The three Shewolves would romp and play under the sun.

The game in the jungle was plentiful and sweet.
They augmented their diet with berries, a treat.
Life was very good if they could stay out of sight.
Being seen by the humans could be their one plight.

Hunting by night and sleeping in the cave by day;
This, the best strategy, keep out of the fray.
They could sense that the humans were real close at times,
And they knew of their misdeeds and God awful crimes.

The Shewolves were quiet and could slink through the night.
They would stalk and kill and be back home before light.
Their yellow green eyes were perfect for the night chase.
They knew each other so well and each other's place.

No one could outwit or out think these wary beasts.
You think that you eat well, but they had some real feasts.
Raw red meat was the thing that they loved to eat most,
It allowed them to dream often of the runt's ghost.

Although long gone, the runt was not out of their mind.
Their love of each other, these were the ties that bind.
She was sorely missed, especially in the night.
Sometimes they woke with a sad heart, a sorry plight.

This bonded them together, their collective love.
These beasts of the forest had the heart of a dove.
They were misunderstood by all minds of mankind.
Nature gave them the blood thirst, so don't be so blind.

The creatures that seem to kill for the hell of it,
They may just need to eat, that's the shoe that may fit.
This trio loved where they slept and often did roam.
To them it was just right, and loved their Home Sweet Home.

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