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(090) My Teacher (Mrs. Irene Gomez)
(21/8/1998 / Cochin(India))

(090) My Teacher (Mrs. Irene Gomez)

Poem By Risha Ahmed (12 yrs)

My most loved teacher is Irene miss
She is always very bliss
She answers all my questions
And good at making suggestions
She gives us a lot of work to do
Though, they are fun to do
She explains about things very well
She is great is what I have to tell.

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Comments (5)

Very Very short
nice tribute to ur teacher
Nice tribute to your teacher... Risha... a teacher of great talent for teaching you so well... Thank you... Mrs Irene Gomez...10
Risha...My teacher is great too! I'm in grade 4, although my teacher can be strict at times, she keeps the class under control, and she can also be fun! Willow (Dee's daughter)
as a teacher i enjoyed your feeling of a teacher.nice poem