* 1 0n 1 Hand And Air

My hand is almost
in field
of writing
seems the case
of my running table
where invisible ink
is striking
as if
i am chasing the words
from space or
being chased
by unprinted letters
from down deep

i can't quit
i can't retreat
i can't hold my breath
it has reason
i am obliged
to follow................

thy well be done

by Rommel Mark Dominguez Marchan

Comments (2)

Keep on writing. Your words are there within.....God give you that potential..use it.. utilize it......share it....
I LOVE IT, i would love any Suggestions you could give me on making my poems better, I really want to become a better poet, i want to write for the people who can't write for them selfs and I want to write something that makes some one feel something, so if you could give me some much needes feedback i would love it. thanks so much and keep writing AMAZING poems! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !