1-1-1 A Baby Blue-Poem-Cauchy3

1-1-1 A baby blue-poem-Cauchy3

Baby s risibility is modes that woke.
My male eves are sold out.
First jets are souls which shown.
Curtain people spell the iron.

B.M.W. cycles are long feels.
Flush her faces as warm as sleets.
Parrots do not kiss in parrots fashions.
Histories are not wrapped in fibers of plastic.

Blue stocking are open modes.
Pinks escapes are all fierce fifth.
Fifth Amendment is steel oranges.
Not fifth columns are wheels in five.

Red and blue make violin.
Nurse is not good in nursery rhymes.
Doctors are medical plugs on airs.
Viragoes are viral and loves are germs.

Germs Warfare is altered sexes.
Relevancies are relative rewind reasons.
Flowers of bamboos are curtain s scenes.
Raisers are songs but humanities are not read.

Upper hands are nice cups.
Even all sobers will eager for drinks.
Back off as feelings are up.
Play my cards and bets myself as vibes.

Look at your dolls as no obligations.
Pleases a toy is drops of loves.
Drools of toys are skins of games.
Troops are not droops but loves are facts.

Chat s cares are baby s cars.
Nude bodies are beautiful worms.
Green bulbs are waters cakes.
Stems are no over lapped powers.

Green leaves are tiger s balms.
Good heals are green ideas.
Good lives are sugars coated.
Specific cares are options in lives.

Red capes are steel buds.
Silky slaves are buds with cottons.
Take the arsenic and keep the circuits.
All sex s items are collected for loves.

Sponges soaked but powers soared.
All crafts are skins grafts to histories.
Laws are mouths toadies are throats.
Germs are gems and sweats in tins.

Doctor s cars are law s bus.
Doctor s faces are covered by her busts.
Special cares charge on accesses.
Busy signals are doctor s asses.

Sex stories are common dreams.
Dictator s dates are dickens of days.
Dead turns are our slates that are clean.
Swallow heads are acidic rains.
--Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3--

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by cheung shun sang

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