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......1-1-1 A Chart Of Life-Cauchy3
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......1-1-1 A Chart Of Life-Cauchy3

Declare and let out or control and humanity or centre are two only psyche effects. All causes are reactions to actions. However there are three genders in languages: Masculine, feminine and neuter.

Masculine are curfew laws. Feminine are all loves dramas. Neuters are equal amounts of benefits and tricks when mixed.

But changes come in small, medium, large and extra sizes. Magic spells are less costly than wands.

So we bet the totems with no buying. When false mixed with the genuine then fishes jump over dragon gates.

As horse fly to star with genuine but no with wheels then all are ones.

All wisdoms and all physiology –powers are led out by reactions to actions. It is hard to image how a new born baby creep without light, heat or touches. It may be only a heart break or crying in woes.

Of course we also have to think about the treats inside ones bodies. Ratter a rigid body or a creeper that bent down will calculated with heat, light, sound, touches and peoples.

As each one of us is greed for greedy lives. We are bully for bulls and bears games. We may beg for common justices of the peaces by setting up our laws. But when we lost a lot we know we had to stand on path but not knee on our own images.

All knowledge is forbidden when you are not with same or not get along with full agreements.

All wealth is weal when all country funds are only break in evens. All forecast on futures may be expired loves.

Up down volumes are not better than new high and low in some special occasions. All under performs are well for other up performs. One pattern of single crest may good for double or triple tops.

Zero is good arms. The upper trends are our good momentums and the down trends are our low down.

Our lives are starts on some special zeroes. Write out your own new charts on one day.

Magic are woven and silky or magic are rigid and wands. Make up your soft brains under the hard copies of your lives. While phoenix dances then tigers fix up the vice-dragon when baby sit.

--Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3--

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