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Dry points are metal brasses.
Dry nurses are steel roses.
Nominees are rows of raw hands.
White noises are weak noises.

Dark honors are white tickets.
Shall Peter’s pence are open pockets.
Prices fixing get your prides.
Fat cats swim with moneys.

Sailors’ hats cry for waters.
Laws are periods but men are colons.
Jack a dainty has all trades.
Love labors are hard labors.

Real politics are witch hunters.
Coefficients would be longitudes of good laws.
A governor of times machines are cuts.
Hand out tricks by arts.

Who speed up justices with air speed?
Spare the pears on law spears.
Soft pockets are hid in sleeves.
Powers denote a type of years.

Watch dogs on seas are with systems.
Watch dogs have objective forces.
Lines of sights are good eyes.
Spy identities are men sources.
--Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3--

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