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1.2 Governor Strickland And Jesus

Governor Strickland, you
are a former pastor.
May you stop this execution
as did your Christian Master.
May the ground not swim in
governmental red bloodshed
but be starred with blue asters

Please Governor Strickland
avoid execution's quicksand
Please Governor Strickland join Gov Ryan of Illinois, Gov Corzine of NJ,
Governor Ventura of Minnesota and other governors who in the past
few years have cancelled executions in their states.

36 Reasons Followers of Christ Oppose the Death Penalty1. Jesus stopped a capital punishment in progress, as a woman
was being stoned to death. He said that those without sin should cast
the first stone. The Levitical law of the old Testament had mandated
executions for adultery, for both participants. It is interesting
that only the woman was brought for stoning in this incident. Jesus
sacrificed Himself but He would not sacrifice others.
2. As Jesus had a Last Supper, so do all executed people. One man in the US executed was so
retarded he did not realize he could not save his dessert for later.
3. Paul held the coats of those who stoned Stephen and himself was
involved in military campaigns against Christians. Yet no Christian
asked for or was involved in his death, only Roman conquerors.
Cain, David, and Moses killed in jealousy, lust, and anger. God
protected all of them from retribution.
5. Paul, Cain, David, Moses,
and others received mercy. Jesus says in the Sermon On The Mount:
Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.
6. Exodus' Ten
Commandments: 'Thou Shalt Not Kill' is not asterisked to say 'this
does not include state murder'. Earlier translations of the Bible
say 'kill' and not 'murder', because all killing was forbidden,
whether or not the Israelites were ready for this message from God.
While Moses (Exodus 6: 9) found that the Israelites, their Spirits
quenched by slavery, were not ready for the highest teaching,
we pray all are ready now.
7. Alcohol, drugs, some psychiatric medications and other substances
make lesions in the aura, the electromagnetic field of the body.
Through these, demons can enter and use the body as their weapon.
When the demons depart, their victim is left to accept the
8. Jesus says there is more joy on heaven for the
hundredth lambs, than for anyone else. The people on death row,
whether guilty or innocent, are hundredth lambs, whom we are
commanded to treat as our brothers and sisters by Jesus.
9. Scripture: 'Judge not lest ye be judged'. Violence is learned
behavior. Abusers, many studies say, were abused. The death penalty
in punishing abusive abusers is akin to punishing the cue ball for
the direction it is sent by the stick. Only God has all the data. No
one else has enough factors to make an evaluation.
10. The parable of the eleventh hour laborer who received the same pay.. as those who
worked all day.. indicates that what is restitution.. amends..
repayment.. is a decision for God and not the courts.
11. Helen Prejean: (paraphrased) Those who believe in the death penalty
identify the condemned with the worst moment of his (or her) life..
None of us is the worst thing we have done. We do not rape the
rapist. We do not batter the batterer.
12. Someone from NCR has compared those governors who say they are upholding the law in
executing.. to Pontius Pilate.
13. Luke 4: 18-19 Like the Sermon On The Mount this is one of many passages in which Jesus speaks of the divine mission of helping the poor. Virtually no billionaires or millionaires are
executed in the United States, and proportionately fewer whites on
death row than blacks.
14. Mary Alice Davis, editorial writer of the Austin American Statesman spoke of the crucifix, the most famous symbol of execution 15. In replacing the Levitical law of retribution with His
Law of Love, Jesus transcended Leviticus.
16. Isaiah: I delight not in your blood sacrifice.
17. Isaiah: They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord. Gone will be what Ann N describes as the pagan human
sacrifice of witnessing the death row gurney, similar to the victim placed upon the altar.
18. Love the Lord Thy God with thy whole heart, thy whole soul, thy whole mind, thy whole self. Love thy neighbor as thyself. If we love our neighbors as ourself, we regard execution as
a form of forbidden suicide.
19. The question of whether or not to be obedient to civil law is one every Christian answers for himself or herself. Jesus said 'Which of you having an ox in the ditch would not
rescue it on the Sabbath? ' Paul said to obey the authorities, yet J S has pointed out that Paul himself answered God in disobeying the Romans by continuing to preach. There are bribed legislators in many houses and senates. The letter of the law is one thing. The Spirit is
another. The mind is one thing. The heart which enshrines God has the
ultimate authority, for in it God whispers individual marching orders to each person.
20. Bettie Beets quoting Jesus: What God hath joined together let no one put asunder.
21. Father Forgive them for they know not what they do.. said Jesus as he hung suffocating on the cross. If Jesus could forgive crucifiers, He calls on you and me to
forgive all.. If Jesus were here now, perhaps he would say 'let
those without sin inject the first lethal injection.. let those
without sin throw the first electric chair switch'.
22. Isaiah 59: They hasten to shed innocent blood. (Governor Ryan of Illinois in the
US began a permanent moratorium on the death penalty after being
convinced that at least 14% of those executed, per DNA evidence, were
23. Deuteronomy states that more than 1 witness is
required to establish guilt or innocence, yet in Texas 1 witness sent some to death row.
24. Numbers also echoes Deuteronomy.
25. Because GOD IS LOVE, because Jesus and His angels have the keys to hell, many
Christians do not believe in a permanent hell. But those who do are
in their own minds sending unsaved prisoners to hell when they work
for the execution of rebellious prisoners. HE WRITES OUR SINS UPON
26. In Matthew, Jesus says one should not swear or take oaths.
Therefore a true Christian cannot testify in court against someone,
because that involves swearing. Father in Jesus' name save the lives
of all on death row in the US and everywhere. Bless Bettie Beets, Feb 24, Texas, Terry Sims, Feb 23, Florida, Odell Barnes, March 1st,
Texas, Philip Workman, April 6, Tennessee, Anthony Chaney, poet,
Arizona death row. (Workman and Barnes are believed by many to be
27. One woman said 'these are convicted criminals'. So was Jesus
Christ, convicted of a felony by a combination of Caesar and
those who rejected His message.
28. Suffer the little children to come unto me. The United States
is one of a handful of nations still executing juveniles. Others
are Iran, Yemen, Nigeria, and perhaps China. Half of those
executed have been in Texas.
29. Most predominantly Christian
nations in the world have banned the death penalty.106 nations
(perhaps more) have outlawed state murder.
30. In the Sermon On the Mount, Jesus said we should visit
the imprisoned, not murder them in the name of the state.
31. Mat 27: 16 And they had then a notable prisoner, called Barabbas.
Jesus had the power to stop the release of the political revolutionary
Barabbas who believed in the use of violence to overthrow
occupying powers. But Jesus gave Himself in exchange.
32. In Matthew 12, Jesus quotes Isaiah and says 'I desire mercy,
not sacrifice.'
33. John 6: 66 to John 6: 68 Jesus knows that many disciples
will leave Him as they are not strong enough for His teaching
of universal love and do not understand His message about communion.
34. We are commanded to forgive 70 x 7 times, which many
interpret to mean we are commanded to give infinite times.
It is for God and not us to render judgment.
35. Matthew 5: 38-39
36. In Matthew 12, Jesus quotes Isaiah and says 'I desire mercy,
not sacrifice.'
37 Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a
tooth for a tooth: But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but
whosoever shall
smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.
38. We are commanded by Jesus (Sermon on the Mount) to visit the imprisoned,
not to murder them.

A.106 nations have outlawed the death penalty,30 since 1990. B. The
United States executes more people than any other country except
China and the Congo(the latter during Civil War) . C. The United
States is one of six countries which still execute juveniles. Iran,
Nigeria, and Saudi Arabia also execute juveniles. D. The United
States has executed the citizens of Germany, Mexico, and Canada,
despite protests of these governments that international law
procedures were not followed. E. The United States has executed
retarded people, F. While twelve states and the District of Columbia
have outlawed the death penalty, the unelected members of the Justice
Dept. have sometimes swept into a community, says Senator Russ
Feingold of Wisconsin, taken over the investigation of a murder, and
pressed for the death penalty even when the people of that state have
outlawed it. G. Many Christian denominations have taken permanent
stands against the death penalty. G1. In 'The Kingdom of God Is
Within You' Leo Tolstoy whose nonviolence ignited Martin Luther King
wrote that Christians should not be involved in executions. H. One
state executed 7 people in 1 week. I. The death penalty does not
deter crime. Those states with the highest execution rates continue
to have the highest murder rates, while countries in Europe which
have outlawed capital punishment have fewer murders than the city of
Los Angeles. J. Of 85 people freed from death row after DNA
established their innocence,13 were in Illinois. One list person
said that it seems that 2 witnesses against someone can equal the

I PHYSICAL CONDITIONS: . BATHS: One inmate said if he ever got out
the first thing he would do would be to soak in a bathtub for the
first time in 30 years.. TEMPERATURE: In some prison systems, older
inmates especially suffer from lack of fans, air conditioning, or
GUINEA PIGS In Vacaville, California, Pennsylvania, Alabama and many
other prison systems, prisoners have been subjected to medical
experimentation and to mind control projects. III PROTECTION FROM
RAPE, VIOLENCE, THEFT: All prisons need to upgrade protection from
violence, rape, and theft at the hands of other prisoners and guards.
IV LEGAL RIGHTS: . universal access to DNA testing if wished.
universal access to good lawyers and law support Internet tools, law
books etc.. Redress from prosecutorial persecution. reasonable
access to governor, prosectors, parole board, attorneys, media etc. V
COMMUNICATION TOOLS: need to be accessible to all.. Mail privileges
should be respected.. MCI as of this writing is the worst offender
in profiting by exorbitant collect call rates. Television, radio,
computers, stamps for mail, etc. VI DIETARY FREEDOM: . dietary
freedom: vegetarian, kosher, no pork, diabetic and other diets should
be respected. A wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables should be
available to all. VII: INTIMACY: Conjugal rights besides keeping down
the suicide rate also reduce prison conflicts. Visitor hours VIII:
INSTITUTIONAL SLAVERY: . Chain gangs, as in Arizona, should be
abolished IX: FREEDOM FROM FORCED MEDICATION.. of psychiatric
medications which cause tardifdyskinesia, dry mouth, gradual
rigidification of muscles, lesions in the brain tissue, addiction* *
Navane is as addictive as cocaine X: religious freedom needs to be
universal.. Just as in China it is difficult for a prisoner to read a
Bible if arrested for worshipping in his own faith.. so in some
American prisons it is difficult for prisoners to read the Koran or
the Bhagavad Gita. XI: RIGHT TO FREEDOM FROM EXECUTION which is
already recognized by 106 countries Please post your additions to
this list.

Abba thank You
for ending executions everywhere.

A recent ABC poll had 45% in favor of state sanctioned murder
and 43% opposed

A Maryland study on racist execution patterns showed that 80%
of the victims in Maryland are black, but virtually all of
the blacks on death row in Maryland were sentenced not for
allegedly killing blacks but whites

The Innocence Project has freed many through DNA tests, attorney
services etc.

Prosecutor Gilchrist in Oklahoma tampered with evidence in
at least 16 cases in which some were sent to death row or

Some are asking for the resignation of John McAdams, execution
proponent, since he is on the faculty of Marquette. The vast
majority of Catholics follow Christ in opposing the death penalty.

1. The death penalty is not a deterrent say European Union studies
2. Around 108 nations in the world have banned state sanctioned
3. Prosecutorial or police ambition, ego, or corruption can account
for withholding evidence, changing evidence
4. Jail house snitches are rewarded with reduced sentences for
5. The racist bias in the death penalty is most prevalent
in the states of Virginia, Missouri, Florida, Georgia, Alabama,
Mississippi, Missouri (where Ashcroft has executed and whose
state's status as a slave state was promoted by Thomas Jefferson) ,
South Carolina, North Carolina, Texas, Oklahoma
6. The killing of innocents has denied them the right of appeal
7. The poor have not been able to afford competent attorneys.
In Texas a man was executed though his attorney slept through
the trial. Alcoholic, unconcerned attorneys have been
a factor in wrongful convictions
8. Alabama and Georgia provide no lawyer for appeal.
9. Alabama still has a hitching post and is the only state
to allow legal handcuffing of prisoners in the hot sun at
a pole.

Beautiful words: mercy, compassion, acquittal, amnesty, absolution,
exoneration, freedom, transformation, reform.


In 1890, the
New York Times referred to electrocution
as euthanasia by electricity. (It was at this time that Edison
publicly electrocuted an elephant, and then a prisoner, whose
bones, because of the doubled voltage, caught on fire.)

There is a smell of bacon frying.. during
an electrocution (paraphrased) . Afterwards the liver is too
hot to touch. It is not true that prisoners can't feel because
they can't move. They cannot move because the electricity
has contracted all their muscles.
(paraphrased) It
was in Terre Haute (where the government has its secret federal
executions) at a conference that
I began to realize that rather than
pray God would change things He
wanted us to change things.

I was asked to be a penpal to a man
on death row. I wrote him that
he need not answer. I would write
him anyway.

(paraphrased) :
We are asked by Jesus' Sermon
on the Mount to visit the imprisoned.

Discarding the habit may have saved my life.
As a student teacher, my veil caught on fire from a candle
during a prayer service.

: One man
defecated in fear on the way
to the gallows (paraphrased) .
(as many animals, in terror
and pain, defecate in the

None of us is the worst action we have ever been involved in.

When I was 13
I wanted to prove I was as tough
as the boys so I also picked up
a stick and hit the trapped possum.
Later I had nightmares.

Poster, aged 12, to please the gardener
smashed some Japanese beetles.
Do nearly all of us kill from peer
pressures? from biology class
dissection or in the case of men,
from misguided rites of initiation?

The gruesome guillotine has been eliminated.(with the exception
of the mouse sized ones in vivisection labs) .. and then
the gallows.. now our unelected court decides on lethal
injection.. may we now join the nearly 3/4 of the world
which has outlawed premeditated governmental murder.
It is worse to hire the hitman than
be the hitman. The abstract killing of the
bomber pilot, the general,
the chancellor, the judge.
It is worse to kill in premeditated
cold judicial murder than in hot
passion. The state courts, the
circuit courts, the 'Supreme' Court
all have serial killers on them, those
who have voted more than once
to deny mercy.

Does revenge killing bring back the victim?

Does capital punishment deter crime? According to many
studies, the countries and states with the highest execution
rates continue to have the highest murder rates.

If one visits a death row prisoner,
he will hopefully discard his judging,
his belief in his own superiority.
No attacks in the guise of preaching
are welcome.


Cary Grant in His Girl Friday to a sheriff who has withheld knowledge
of a governor's reprieve so that he may be re-elected: 'That's murder.'

NPR caller to Ray Suarez show discussing anthrax: The difference
between gas in warfare and gas in a gas chamber is quantitative, not

Charles Grodin, star of Beethoven and talk show host: It seems there
are no rich on death row. (Nor percentage wise do as many white
slayers die as black slayers.)
Governor Jesse Ventura: 'Thou shalt
not kill' is not asterisked with
Francis of Assisi: There but for the
grace of God go I.

Starseed Transmissions: You do not
have enough data to assign value to
any action.

Revenge is mine, saith the Lord.(It
has not been delegated to courts
full of miscreants)

Bianca Jagger compared governors who do nothing to modern
Pontious Pilates.

Again Father Mother God in the name of all beings we ask You now
to cancel all executions, war, vivisection, slaughter of any kind to
any being now and always.

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