JF (October 11,1990 / Miami, Florida)

1.6 Thousand

A number, meaning nothing to much,
but meaning a life changing factor to me,
it means a life time of happiness.
Separating me from my love.

As I would collect 1.6 thousand pennies,
to buy a ticket to fly to my love.
Buy 1.6 thousand flowers to send,
to show how much I love her.

Buy her 1.6 thousand chocolates,
to tenderly feed her once we meet at last.
Pay for 1.6 thousand gallons of gas,
to drive the road of love all the way.

Send her 1.6 thousand love letters,
to show how much I need her.
Even walk the 1.6 thousand miles,
which stand between me and my love.

As no distance will loosen our love,
with this stretch, comes great strength,
as sooner or later I will have her in my arms,
to treasure and love her forever.

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Comments (3)

The title looked strange but I learned of the truth and sadness of your poem when I read through. God bless you..You write extremely well. arya.
Wonderful dear Falcon. Be serious on your poetic talent.
mmm, good piece, many of the same qualities in our distance poems, good write, much better than mine, very strong.... ...i love it.