{{ 1-800 Number 2 Heaven }}

Poem By Linda I. Weischedel

Don't think for one minute I don't miss you,
because you know Momma,
I truly do.

I look at your picture and just stare,
knowing that I am here and you are up there,
my world seems so desolate, boring, and bare,
no other up and coming friendship will never ever have
the chance to compare.

Many times within the day I fight off being sad,
I focus and remember all the outstanding
fun times you and I had,
you completed so many thoughtful gestures
that sure made me awfully glad,
are you happy to be reunited with Daddy,
and your Mom and Dad?

The holidays just aren't the same,
I suppose they never will be,
if there was an 1-800 number to heaven,
you'd surely be getting a call everyday from me.

I love and miss you dearly Mom,
your little girl,

Comments about {{ 1-800 Number 2 Heaven }}

One can understand that this poem is from heart. So true feelings
if there was only a way, to call collect to heaven and say, just to let them know that you still miss them, your thoughts, I find so enchanting, your words, so sincere, very inspiring
This poem is amazing! i love how much you love your mother and miss her very much. you get a perfect 10!
Dear Linda, My confessing, I'm neither atheist, agnostic nor sinner of ill repute. However I am thought of, assures that my adamant thoughts of heaven and hell are right here on Earth. I admire your in-depth feelings of your own auto bio and to those loved ones, since diseased. From what is revealed by your poetry, your mother lives spiritually within your heart. Keep singing, writing with song lyric rhymes. Listen while half awakened, voices never forgotten will appear in your mind's eye. I write mine on my note pad as messages needing to be read and heard. Oh yeah, thanks for your comment to my own, 'Dance With Heart'. We are of heartfelt deed, on similar collaborated paths. After a while, I will select another of your very creative.loving poems. Thanks for sharing. ...louie
Hi its Natasha I want to say to Reach out for support if you ever wish to talk all you have to do is send me a message.

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