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........1 A Thinking-Cauchy3
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........1 A Thinking-Cauchy3

Flower youth worth no names.
Many bucks are worth a penny.
Hold on whole sobbing stand.
Sweep slates are love cells.

Radars on lobes are to paten loves.
Frame up Ivy is to do it.
Methods are on songs with loves to open.
Lay in gods are good to lit.

Honey congresses love the cows.
Top cats are lounge wines.
Sex barrows are on love borrowers.
Weak knees stand by sides.

Slide your pockets to go on.
To plunge your chances or love lots.
Give your names to dodo fruits.
Under the hoods your lanes up.

A town has powers to wrap about.
The counts to loves are good spots.
Receivable accounts get the tour.
Play the tickets but no gamble and no woes.

All sugars or all stocks!
Sleeves are gage but there are socks.
Moneys made my love merge.
Love coupons are no love so merely.
---Cheung Shun Sang---

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This a rather grand tour of the galaxy. I need a fish in my ear. Can you mail me one? And will it be able to translate Dada into classical enlightenment terms? If not, I give up. ; -)