Time Away

This is the first time we’re apart
For all the wrong reasons
I think of the worst that could happen
Our relationship is so fragile we’re still working on our trusts
This couldn’t have come at a better time

Letting you go was the hardest thing to do
Missing you every minute after you left
Feels like the cruelest form of torture
Like the agonizing drips of water
Every second draws a heart wrenching pain

The mind starts to wonder hours after your left
The possibilities of infidelity reached a phenomenal height
The chances of mishaps have never been so apparent
Visions of you enjoying your time without me is so bitter
Although I should be experiencing vicarious joy

I wait patiently and comfort myself
My madness and suspicion are human nature
It’s only because I care and I should be excused
I should convince myself to have more trust and faith and
Believe when you say that you love me more and more each day

Although only for a short while
This is a test for a love that was imagine to be unbreakable
A break for two hearts that rushed to love
A chance to find ourselves and reconnect with the neglected
An opportunity to reclaim our position in the hearts of those we care

by Jade lee

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