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We are creatures of supplement able. We relay to powers, comforts and happiness. That means our cores to survive. When we lack powers on lag tides we try to enlarge. Enlarge our vim and struggle.

A sort of loves to buy and to sell is called social climbers. We are some. We assume ourselves with good looks. Religious are mask off to fears and sexes and power extensions.

We all have fears that will make up laws or morals and these are why we obey to our rules. Our fears may due to pains or losses.

A flask of elixir is camouflage to long lives.

A piece of cosmic spell will ring up the universal like a home.

Donald Jung states with a geo-mantic artist. They both go on a magazine. He agrees to this artist because Donald Jungs father buried near radar station. And that means powers and good lucks to many their generations. Of course have no magic fans then Gods have no feels. Theses are rich men rabbit holes or tombs.

On the other side Donald is a catholic who state his own well faiths.

I do not care multi-mask off. But may be his points are to make peoples to love his mask off.

Religions and politics are both relay to powers and morals or both. Some time ago a T.V. screen of white albatrosses and there are the appearances of Donald Jung with his speech.

He addresses the possibilities that he will be the future mandated Hong Kong top boss again. In scripts these must be true. But may be there are some cadres are annotated feet.

For cauchy3 me mask off a lot also. Not to open all the truths behind my actuated minds and my bad things I have had trained my spirits to little Taoism. I had drawn spells on yellow papers. I earn no moneys but just probe the flaw magic worlds for funs.

My annotated feet are my own feet. However I always wish I am a god to all atheisms because I am quite believe to atheisms. But may be there will be gods some time latter according to energies evolutions.

But who promise a hill rock to invite me the beautiful moon. It may be our enemies so I got to frustrate on some ways.

All are mask on and off for powers, fears, comforts and happiness. In ancient religion papal all over many parts of our worlds to believe to other religions dirty pools may cause heavy punishments even to death.

Some one being with tortures but confessed and regressed may ride a white horse and go out from church.

To conquer with superstitions or to mask off our faults we are wrestling with our controls.

The floats in human lives are mask on and mask off because of powers, comforts, fears and happiness. The floats in our worlds are lives. The floats in our universal are energies.

Would there be true loves. It would be sexes.
Would it be always and to every one! What we relay on is our vim or powers or inner most and our families and best of all would be our social structures.

--Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3--

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