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Daddy's Little Girl

Daddy's Little Girl

Always in my mind
I can see my daddy's face
As he took me in his arms
Enveloped me with his embrace

Daddy always held my hand
With that great big hand of his
Said, I was his little princess
Go ahead a make a wish

Many times I would fall down
And skin my knees
He would always come running
Oh, baby, let me see!

He told me when I grew up
I would be somebodies queen
But for now his little girl
The most prettiest he's ever seen

I would set in my daddy's lap
I felt I was on a thrown
Not knowing oh, to soon
I would be almost grown

My daddy's my hero
Someone I want to be
When I grow up daddy
I'll make you proud of me

I guess I'll always be
That little girl that needs her dad
I'll treasure every moment
Every memory that we have

Time can be so unkind
Live today but a memory tomorrow
I just want to stay daddy's little girl
If time we could only borrow

Memories flood my mind
Just like I was ten
Daddy can you play a game with me
He gently takes my chin

You'll always be my little girl
If only in our minds
Daddy, daddy you can't catch me
Your it, It's your turn to hide

Daddy's are a gift from God
Made especially for little girls
I love you so much daddy
You are my great big world

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Comments (4)

Very nice poem. Enjoyed it very much. Take a look at Athul and Akhil who are young poets. But their poems are super.
Brief but power packed with imagery
I am looking at your beautiful Eastern dawn. You are a superb word artist. Write on, my poet friend, Warmest regards, Sandra
The image is superb (particularly 'the dawn strolled in') , but the last line is superfluous (in my humble opinion) . You write very well. love, Allie xxxx