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what is a poem i do not know
but my poems are lost
and i'm searching them
as i need them earnestly, urgently
so able not to write much more here.

dr.dinesh p singh jadaun,1/10/2012, pm

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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Dear Sir, you have quoted nice words. I m none to comment. if possible please read my poem and comment. waiting eagerly. with regards ramesh rai
'I realize that this scripture is a lot easier said than done' Rachel Ann Butler
Yes, many may say this one is a crap and a trash because they reject the truth that God is alive and accept a mere fact of lies that there is no God. Well, I like this poem. God bless you sir!
So many reader will come and say the dont like this Some ppl here love dark poetry some dont believe in God... A part of being wise is taking time to understand what you dont like I can say things I dislike about this but... But I can see...The writer put lots of work into this..... Luke not because I am also a man of God I said its a good write Because I took time to understand... 10ss...Good job
Nice poem, be blessed.......10