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1 Beat Up Body

Poet Chan Mongol
SEPTEMBER 3 of 2019

I created jobs, I was fit
But now, I hardly exist
I still have the life sign
I still have feelings of mine!

Time passed, I am hopeless
With no one's concern, bless
And I don't foster any desire
Desire to live, to maneuver!

Desire and hope for who
Man eater tigers in the zoo
I felt sad that I helped them
But they ended my game.

Life was unpredictable
Still, I made them capable
No stress, no frustration
I was with my concentration!

Alas! I lost and they won
They think their luck had done
I needed my efforts for me
To rise up and somebody to be!

I did what I had to do
Designed to do so as an embryo
I still want to continue
But beat up body can't go!

I see herds of cattle in the field
For man's food they will be killed
I see roses in the garden
But they will be beheaded by men.

Little guy needs the relief
OK to be at the foot or at the cliff
And the soul is the main
In desert or in rain, in plain.

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