1. Bless Me, I Am All Yours…. [appeal To Countrymen]

A new cell excited to breathe
Full of passion, emotions, needs,
Fill the womb with new hopes
The maternal affection Adrenal supports.

Few months’ delight, alas! is left behind
When Devil with Technology the treaty signed,
The Doctor Chemist plenty earn
When the female fetus is discerned.

All abortive tools combine
And life saving drugs their duties resign,
The last journey to Heaven is neared,
When the little angel’s body severed.

Mother’s dismal tears plead to be gentle
Atrocious qualms turn her mental,
Motherhood, natal cares, in stupor lie
Cannot bid her baby last goodbye.

It’s a dead society where corpses demand
Hatred, Illiteracy, and Greed command,
Come out of this trance and learn to live
It’s an Almighty’s world, not a Man’s bid.

Mothers of the world, please unite
Kill the Devil promoting Feticide,
Courage your guts, swallow your strife
Bless your charming DAUGHTERS, a beautiful life.

[Written with Hope in anticipation of Support]

by Abha Sharma

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I don't support nor condone abortion in any way, shape, or form. This poem has a nice flow. Bien!
What’s abortion? To shift the blame. Yesterday cluster, today society manages it. I’m writing from a country that would give up its Constitution rather than its free abortion – Welfare pays it. Sense of guilt disperses itself in duty’s practice: i.e. one is poor and so commits abortion, the guilt is social ‘cause if one wasn’t poor…. Mrs. Sharma is completely right.
May the passionate and poignant plea embedded in your composition reach the ears of many of our fellowmen! Best wishes to you. I am a newcomer to this site. I would like you to know that a selection of my poems too has been posted on this site. I would request you to kindly visit the same, at your convenience, and give me your valuable comments on some of them.
Abha this one is so full of emotions.. i really like it.10! It’s an Almighty’s world, not a Man’s bid. Bless your charming DAUGHTERS, a beautiful life!
motherhood is the fulfillment of womanhood... Please read my poem 'Untitled like them' - the same subject..
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