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.......1 Booze Up Bull-Poem

For laws we are good to take by efforts.
With good mercies they are mean to help.
Over powers are taken by faiths.
Speed laws are winds on tails.

All over powers are with over all.
Over all do not take ends.
Some still poles are graded.
Distant streets are worlds’ eyes.

All over are people made-do.
Over all are gods to rewind.
Sum up totals is not relative.’
On a level all people win.

Power meshes are not good lattices.
Gives and takes are boos and jeers.
Pictures are images to jell our laws.
Family trees are good fees.

Powers are forces and facts are faces.
Bodies are flowers and tricks are arts.
Domes go up but plums go down.
Who on wars are soldiers but who have power-cracy in Rome.

No good laws on bad earths.
Over all are powers eaters.
Hungry are to bloods but thirsty to prides.
Booze up bull and trim up winds.
--Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3--

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