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1 Can't Work Alone

Poet Chan Mongol
September 3 of 2019

A body has parts, parasites
And taking the free rides
All enter in the body
To work accordingly!

Apps pop up in the net
All are to be preset
Under agreements of the net
Net is the network, I bet.

Net isn't only one
Together, they all run
With evil or civil
Healthy or being ill.

Positive and negative
Together are creative
No combination, no function
Good and bad alone can't run.

Durgha ma'a had ten hands
Coordinates for ordinates
Universe has components
With zillions of elements!

You understand already
Alone a man can't make a baby
With good and bad
Thus, all are created!

Team leader gets the fame
With the highlighted name
Others worked hard, you know
Sadly, somewhere credits go!

No work is done by one
One can't function
Even god has angels
An atom is with 3 particles.

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