...1 Evil Steps-Cauchy3

Camelot is joys to do nothing.
Donkey jackets are not go to donkeys.
We are sensors but we need dollars.
Prizes’ ends when many come.

Currents flows are circuit path.
Table names are paper tabs.
Trouble makers have good marks.
Quill pens are gage facts.

True reasons are clamp down.
Trouble makers have good domes.
Dorms are docks and reds are storms.
Bad men lead our songs.

Effects on domino are draggle powers.
Sink to deep when all steps are on.
Drown men have no step foot.
Camelot worlds have no martial books.

Some heads are china heads.
All are solo you go up.
Each step is evil pears.
Already a pen then who have your rulers.

I want justices but you want no.
White noises are with brown noises.
I take the notes you got the lots.
A draw on power is when you go.
-Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3-

by cheung shun sang

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