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1 Flagwrapped Exhortations By War Profiteers To Young Victims

'It is your patriotic duty' said a war profiteer
on the airwaves rented against their will from Americans
by a dual citizen, a fellow armsmonger, for pennies.. airwaves from which he
had made billions...
The war profiteer's injunctions were broadcast to the young men and women
of America as he exhorted them to walk onto the
altar of sacrifice and shed their blood
or be horribly maimed, burned,
bomb-castrated, missile-blinded, for the mammon
and ancient emnities
of plutocrats.

These professional haters had no allegiance to America....
.... their money was safe they thought in the Bahamas
or Switzerland... as they made deals with the Chinese.

What is the gift of traitor US senators to you?
a flagwrapped present containing the WMD's
of the people's destruction.

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Deep contemporary revisions thank you great author,10+++++