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1 Girl Caught Between 2 Guys
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1 Girl Caught Between 2 Guys

Poem By Katie P...

I liked 1, but then began falling for the other as he acted to fall for me. He backs off, & the other backs on.
I'm one girl. Caught between 2 guys.
Guy 1 is shy, but still out there. He makes me smile, and laugh. He's a pro at everything, but i just don't get what he wants from me? Friends, or more?
Guy 2 is extremely friendly, not shy, but definitely out there(in a good kind of way) . He knows how to make romantic moments, but to have a great time as well. We were just 2 humans, living our own lives at one time, but now, are we friends or are we more?
It's these kind of people that get me everyday.
They confuse me, but then act as if not to. How do you treat a girl, that is caught between 2 boys?
How do i treat 2 boys, as a girl caught between them two?
What do you do, as 1 girl, caught between two boys, totally undecisive?
I'm just one girl, Caught Between two boys.

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