~~1 Last Time...

Why do I act like I'm fine, when its killing me inside?
You are the one and only one I wanted..
Was I wrong to love you at all?
Someone told me once,
'love someone who deserves your love, Dont waste it away'
I didnt think it was a waste, till today.
I nearly broke down, when you told me over the phone.
Idk, I felt strong for that moment..
As soon as you got off the phone,
I knew it all Happened..
It hit me like a brick, the world crashin down.
I guess now i see.
You love wasnt there from the start..
My heart is shatters.. as I think of you one last time...

by Dislocated Heart

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Very Sad... I Seem To Know How You Feel. Your Heart Broken Is Worse Than Mine. I Can See That. Good Writing... I've Never Experienced Anything Worse Than That In My Entire Life! Cheer Up! Good Luck And Take Care! -Cassandra.