(1)lovely Waist

My eyes are summer-dew wet
with tears and sunset red
beneath the fading evenings of regret.

It was my desperate and sincere intention
to fall in love with you,
I didn't even seek or expect
emotional reciprocation,
merely your clear-dawn understanding
how I felt.

You're a clever and perceptive woman,
thus, nothing I do is shrouded in secrecy,
but please, don't consider me a jealous guy
staggering drunkenly at the thought
of another's tight embrace of your lovely waist:

If you're happy, I can let anything slide
and make my way to a new sunrise.

6: 27AM 1-1-2018

by Uriah Hamilton

Comments (2)

Uriah, this is your poem which i have selected to appear in my/our July 2018 showcase. i've previously left a comment (below) and now intend to enter it into July's showcase. thanks. bri :)
COOL, if i may be so bold to say. i found one of yours in PH's list of love poems. or, i think, hate poems. yes, this one: I Love Kurt Cobain And Hate Toby Keith .......i like it. what drugs were you on? but i much prefer this one, (1) lovely Waist aka (1) Lovely Waist? to MyPoemList. and i'm glad you are still plugging along on PH, unlike many of the poets whose love and hate poems are featured by PH. bri :)