1 Million Years Bc (Lyrics)

Poem By Satan's Sibling

They're calling me,
the creatures of the nigh,
Beautiful music,
Animal instincts survived,
the serpent tongue,
so ancient before the dawn of time,
Spread throughout the ages,
On the blood of mankind.

I've seen it all.
From grace man falls,
Babylon, curse of all creation,
Winged serpent of the pit,

Ten thousand centuries ago,
Cast down from heaven,
To pillage below,
The serpents eye,
Still watching for it's easy prey,
Feed upon the hopeless, the weak and afraid.

I've seen it all.
From grace men fall,
Babylon, curse of all creation.
Winged serpent of the pit,

1 million yeasr bc x3

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Well, well, nicely done, sir. I shall keep on reading your poetry.

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