~1 Mistake... I'M Done

Love, what a simple game to play...
Love, it happens everyday!
Love, this is what i need..

I want you to be happy.
I wanna see your smiling face everyday.
I wanna be able to be the one makin you smile.
I wanna hold you tight and make sure everything is alright.
I wanna be able to call you - ' mines' 'alllllll mines'
I wanna be able to tell you everything thats on my mind.
I wanna be able to say.. I trust you.. with no doubt in my mind.
and, I want to tell you.. I love you.. with no doubt in my heart.

Look babe, right from the start.
I love you.. thats no lie.

But I'm not gonna go through any of that pain I've gone through before.
just so you know.

If you lie to me, I'm Done.
If you cheat on me, I'm Done.
If you leave me once, dont ask for a second chance.
If i give you a second chance..
you better prove to me your worth my time,
if not, your out of line.

I dont mind the small chats you have with him.
I dont mind you havin guy friends.
But when a dude tells you i love you..
and somethin seems to be goin on..
I'm sorry, im not gonna stand there and wait..
I'm Gone.

Hurt too many times,
so I guess its easier for me.. to just say goodbye.

one mistake, I'm sorry and im Done.

by Dislocated Heart

Comments (2)

sounds fair to me. nice poem i like it.
Sometimes we through the baby out with the bath water