PS (April,10,1991 / )

1 Natalie Cav

She's so wonderful, so sweet.
She's always been there,
But when she's mad, she isn't there,
And what she doesn't know is what she doesn't know,
And that's the heartbreaking truth,
I need her the most in these times,
But she's so away, far away.

Eventhough it's hell unleashed when she's mad,
She's always the forgivable angel.
She forgives so much, infact, too much,
That no one, other than her, would ever forgive.

I sleep the trial nights hoping she'd be there for me,
And when I wake up and await for her,
She isn't there.

The thought of her wanting to hurt me breaks me apart,
I know that she knows how weak I am.

She's so adorable, caring, and kind,
Yeah, she's my one dear friend,
The one i'll never forget when my days are grey,
I've shared so much of laughter with her,
And i've never laughed so hard as I have with her.

If only she could just understand a little bit more,
If only she wont jump into conclusions.
If only she knew I miss her so much,

If only she knew how selfish she have become,
Ever since 'he' came back,
Wasn't I there when he was gone?
Wasn't I?
Why is she throwing me away now that he's back?

I can't seem to understand how a friendship is suppose to be,
I can't seem to understand anything, at all,
All I know is, I wouldn't give this up for something so tiny,
Because I do care.

She's my one dear friend, no matter what.
And I couldn't get no sleep without writing this,
I had to wake up and write it.

How am I suppose to sleep when it's been weeks,
A lot of weeks, and she's been that way.
It breaks my heart,
But i'll remember the good times only,
That is what I have learned the hard way,
Good times erase the worst times.

She's my One Natalie Cav.
The one I have shared the most with,
The one I would die to be next with.

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