GJS (Sept.22,1946 / Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario)

1.Stampede Breakfast: Laugh Hilariously


I thought, ' I will write a poem! '
With an embodiment that was full
Of a cowboy at a stampede breakfast
Learning to ride a bull
The thoughts began to entertain
My mind to such an extent
I laughed aloud hilariously
As to how the story went

Each year in this large city
Of a million people or so
Hundreds of thousands from all over the world
Come to watch this rodeo show
The cowboys strut their stuff
As only cowboys can
And when you watch them do their routines
You know you'r among rugged men

Not every individual
Could take on this ardous task
To ride the animals in such a manner
Would be far to much to ask
I watched it for myself
And give testimony too
Those heart stopping performances
As to what these cowboys do

Calves and cows and bulls
And horses disciplined
Obeying their riders to the max
Trying chuckwagon races to win
Speed the leading factor
Who can go the fastest the best
No wonder this is truly called
The greatest outdoor show in the west

The payouts are fantastic
Upwards of a hundred grand
No wonder these fella's travel afar
What rigours their bodies can stand
They all have their limits of danger
But of one that danger is full
Of men and a beast in a stockpen
That beast being namely a bull

I've seen the pictures in papers
The look on the cowboy's face
As the animal of such magnitude
Seeks to bring him disgrace
How dare you get on my back
The bull it seems to say
When suddenly that cowboy is airbound
Hoping it's his biggest payday

So you can well imagine a rookie
A greenhorn if you please
Seeking to win the cash and a truck
Mounting the bull in the squeeze
I've tried to capture the moment
Google (stampede breakfast poem) to see
Give you mind to imagination
And laugh hilariously!

Copyright Gary James Smith
Jan.6,2010 @ 7.30 a.m

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