SLB (September 6th / Calgary, Canada.)

** 1 Thank You For Sharing...

First, i wish to Thank you
for sharing your heart
and a small part of yourself,
your secrets and pain
are safe with me my friend.
You may not know it yet
But-I ask that you not forget
that although I am older
maybe you can try to see
that I am like you and you are like me...
in some small but important ways.
Continue to write your grief on paper,
on computer screens and on tablets,
keeping yourself open like a window
during all the seasons of your Life.
Carry on expressing yourself to others
some can help or maybe even relate...
this process drains away the sorrows
thus strengthening you just enough
to gain the courage and the will-
to go on...ready to face another day.

Written for Jess on February 18 2008.

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Comments (2)

a wonderful write to your friend, so lovingly said that comes from your heart..
Shelley this is wonderful advice for anyone to take to heart. Thanks for sharing.