#1 The Quest Of Animal Collection

One day, the gods
Of heaven and earth-
Build a magnificent curiosity.

Like bored royal hush puppies
They gather one gene-
From three human species.
A bolshevik brain- mordant skin-
And albumen eyes.

The latter being a domestic dice-
A captive to future animal aristocracy.
The first a mythos ruler of [fe]male menagerie.
The second- an outskirt resident, allowed only
As a mute clergy, its spoken wisdom- abstract
No Auschwitz jews, nor sages can understand.

The same day, the gods fixed a treaty
That- cardinal brain, the majesty of exotic
Human zoo must exhibit its genus breakthrough
In circus- Dark skin being 'jesus the centaur'
White blank eyes being 'femme fatale' Seduced

After the gods heart breaking promulgation
The travelling animal collection began-
EARTH II construction.

by Daffodil Decarie

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