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1 Truth

Poet Chan Mongol
September 6 of 2019

Buddha said, get me handful of seeds of mustard
From a home where death had never entered
Only then I will bring back your son alive again
The woman was happy and home after home she ran.

She calmed down, became hopeful for the job so easy
Without a second thought the woman became very busy
Why not? When Buddha wanted only few mustard seeds?
Handful few mustard seeds were her very simple needs.

Initially, she was so positive to bring those seeds
In each house people lost grand parents, parents, kids
Same answer she got from homes of widowers, widows
Families got mustard seeds but not without death news.

She was optimistic that her son will be alive again
The woman didn't think of the condition which was main
One person said that her sister died few months ago
She approached a grandpa and grandpa lost his pa also.

The lady was disappointed, her loss and efforts went in vain
She returned empty handed to great Buddha with full of pain
She said, she tried in all houses but death went everywhere
Buddha then said, death and sorrow are common allover!

To bring back a dead alive, there is no medicine, miracle
Life is short and a one time gift for lords, farmers, for all
Death is the truth and life is with hallucination, illusion
Alas! To give us longer life why science has no concentration?

We can't handle negativity, the death and we cry hearts out
A dead has no remedy and it doesn't matter how loud we shout
In some cultures, people dance and vow joys when folks die
Let's not fear death and let's say the deceased happily goodbye!

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Fear not death, happy good bye