Lady Of The Lake

A cup of tea
A pint of beer
A carafe of coffee in the morning
A piece of cake
Some home made soup
And bread
Freshly taken from the oven
A place to sit
A plate and bowl
A cup in which to keep the waters
A Roof Above
Warm Clothes to Wrap us up in
And Good Friends
All Gathered Here
Upon this Long Night
To help keep the Hearthfire Burning

The first thing the Mendicant learns
Is how to step lightly in the Dark
To test her footing before landing solidly
To see with other senses
To hear the other voices
The ones that come from deep within
To sing harmony with the ones
That others bring
The Hearthfire Burns

When I first met her
My Ladies Veil was blue and white
She said she was a special kind of nurse
One who cared for abandoned children
And she would care for me
As I learned how to care
For the wounds
To hard, To heal myself

A Gentle soul
Who would wrap me
In her Arms
When things got tough
When things got much bigger
Than I could handle by myself
Even though I be twilight Born
And could channel my hands into my Heart
When I got tired she'd come to me
And in her mercy I could rest
That Lady who came
The Day I called
And Graciously calling back
Till the day I could really hear her
And I learned the Way of the Waters
And took my Role as Lady of the Lake
Mara, Maria, Mary, a Land bound Lake
To enclose the Merlin Tree within

by Lynn Anne Brown

Comments (5)

Hi Sandy, This is a very sweet poem. I really love this. James
idk how to put this in words i like it alot i enjoy reading it
Sandy, what an increditable write. This is a write from the heart. It is. It makes be think of the 'relationship recently I thought I had.' But when you have true love you wish for all these things you wrote about and for that which is not real is the latter part you mentioned...wasting your time and broken dreams....for I know that only too well now. Beautiful write...
I feel your heartache in the words of this poem. Love is so beautiful when it goes smoothly, and so hurtful when one is being ignored or it seems we are getting no wheres. I wish you the best obtaining your dream. Thank you for reading one of my poems.