1 Words With Political Sounds-Cauchy3

1 words with sounds.

Same clocks form the blow out.
Junked hands’ gins flare up.
Tree seat map the bad sites.
Fiddle faddle are dogs barking dinners.

Jove’s taxs are allowed to get the powers.
Maoism trigger back to specific more.
Who cast a lot with very bad souls?
You get to impress the sins on some courses.

Shen- Kow Form is some one.
Junk Hang Gi is some two.
Tree- see- men is some three.
Ju Tak is some themes.

Marred ear cows our bad words.
Lock steps are imagery good worlds.
They lock your heads to talk to demons.
You struggle the right to take the wrong.

Ma Yee- gul stands off.
Discover your powers when gods come close.
But left side effects are much more.
Can be use to organize a bad one.

She pin good moneys to share.
Noble winds are with pith up trees on pines.
Recall the example to indicate the works of graces.
Good spaces and good systems are simple.
--Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3--

by cheung shun sang

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