If we combined
The perfectly good and the perfectly evil,
We would obtain the imperfection.
If we took a piece of paradise

by Marieta Maglas Click to read full poem

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A very creative piece. The images are captivating. Thanks for sharing such brilliant poem
If our love swallowed our hatred/We would love each other less than usual......lovely poetic expression! Appreciated your idea of plus and minus! (10)
I love this poem. The world would have to go back to Chaos if things were again mixed together.10++++++ Perdita.
Truth is always covered with a cup used to drink wine. Beautiful poem
An unique and interesting poem.
The perfectly good and the perfectly evil - Can they be found? Perhaps not in the real world.
Fantastic presentation with a mathematical calculation of+10-10=0. I appreciate this poem. Thanks for sharing.
This is as much a grand philosophical debate, as it is a grand poetic expression, one inherent faucets of humanity is the inherent duality of our nature, to which we confer under those moral banner terms of good and evil, we really cannot have one without the other. Even though we know longer live in the predominate age of religion, so much of our culture is influenced by the terminology of good and evil, in some ways I think this is not wrong, if we took the extreme of living in a world based on the pure hard logic of facts we would lose the faculty of our capacity to have true passion for life, good and evil are the wonderful absurdities of being a human being. Trying to equate both on a same level to neutralize them only inhibits the capacity of what makes a human, but if we balanced the scale with love and reason the truth would never be hurt.
But, we must shun the evil and embrace the good was a comment about your incredibly sober way of looking at our existence. Without a sort of blind faith for the possiblilty of a positive personal assessment of tragedies we are frozen in depresssion. With newer thoughts and alternatives the human beings can grasp and nuture themselves further. Believe me: I am 65 years on this planet and optimism was a gorgeous entity from which I survived, False optimism is another fashion of darkness.Paul
While dying slowly. Nice piece of work! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Really good thought... People say good and evil are two sides of the same coin.. if both of it were to be equal.. then love and hatered would cancel out.. truth and lie would cancel out... fantasy and reality would cancel out..! !
Someone below quoted Hamlet but assigned the quotation to G. B. Shaw, definitely a lesser writer than Shakespeare and not to be trusted when the subject is our emotional life. Shaw simply rejected romantic love as nonsense but Shakespeare glorified: despite the suffering it (usually) includes, it evokes our full humanity. Your poems show this eloquently. But the Hamlet quotation does apply here: THERE'S NOTHING GOOD OR BAD BUT THINKING MAKES IT SO. Shakespeare was not expressing moral relativism - that was alien to his spirit. What he means is what your poem fully illustrates. If you take a purely intellectual view of life and allow no tender feelings to soften the rigors of reason, you will end up with a very bleak truth. It will be a dead-end, a zero sum game as your equation shows. Hamlet was a total egoist. If he hadn't alienated Ophelia and damaged her emotionally, he might have found the sweetness of life balancing his grim calculations. Poor Ophelia, even poorer is the isolated genius Hamlet, thinking himself into a nutshell. Change the equation: Honesty + Respect = Love = Happiness. Enough said!
Biut'ful combination of truth, reality and life. Poetical mathematics. God bless you
Wonderfully presented this equation of +10 -10=0 with life's positives and negatives is unparallel.
the words flow with so much reality bringing out the truth of life...
Wow Marieta, you are simply a gift for a thirsty soul...... Wonderful and solid core.................... Jim Troy
very interesting and good equation. nice to read.
Nice composition deeper than my thoughts will learn many thing from you.
Very interesting and thought provoking.
Wonderful theme.....so brilliant idea.....excellent prose.....Thank you for presenting such wonderful work MUNIA