10: 12 Pm

10: 12 PM
and my cellular phone
awakes in the night
opens it's eyes
and turns on the light
and starts shaking
in muffled vibrations
which rouses me from sleep
and interrupts a dying dream.
Before reaching out
blindly toward that blinking light
I know what i'll hear
even before i finally
bring it up to my ear-
And I am Dreading it.
In 10 min i know
I'll be falling asleep
to that loud-proud voice
continuously talking to me.
Half i don't understand
Half i don't care to
Longing only for simple silence
to return to.
But in the stead
I can only pretend
to be listening
when really i am whispering
intimate insults
under my breath.
Circles in confusing conversation
Caught in compulsive lies and
empty obvious observations
and every night it's te same
annoying argument
and every night the same
shallow subject.
So around an hour later
hanging up the phone
with a stifled moan of final relief
and a deep yawn
as i'm finally falling back to sleep.

by Elizabeth Jordan Heinbuch

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I am having a debate with myself as to whether the call was from a salesman... or a tossed out lover? Could go either way! However, may I suggest turning the phone off before retiring? Makes for a much better night's sleep! Scarlett - funny poem, by the way!