You Will Never Find Someone Like Me

You will love after me.
You will find many other girls.
But please take my word.
I promise you will be back.
I promise, you will regret and won't have the chance to forget.
I promise you'll be mine very soon.
I promise you won't ever find anyone like me.
No matter where you search and try to peak.
You will never find anyone like me.
You know why? ? ? ?
Because No one in the world will love you like I do.
No one will love your family as I do.
No one will care when you cry.
No one will understand your silence;
Or the way you have violence.
It's just me who will love you so much more than anything existed on This Planet Earth.
You will be back;
You will COME back to me
In which is: I, Your love of your life.

Ala Elouri

by Ala elouri

Comments (29)

I thought the message was clear and poignant, I really like this poem.
Enjoyable. Thank you!
Good message...timely voicing of issues.
Lawrence, A haunting poem, long after you have gone through it. Calling back again and again. Ordinary words, but extraordinary poetry. It just as Rabindranath Tagore wrote: That words have meanings is just the difficulty. That is why the poet has to turn ans twist them in meter and verse, so that the meaning may be held some what in check and the feeling allowed a chance to express itself. Yes, Lawrence, you have achieved a free flow of feelings. Much above the meanings and words. That is what poetry really is. Excellent. Congrats. Keep writing.
You might gain some sympathy, From someone who recognizes you are in disguise. And they are in the mood, To share with you their good attitude. IF they have some of 'that' left! ' Truly, if they don't recognize, then nothing and if recognized, the good attitude should be left in them The poem brings out the fading goodness in man and conveys the great message Loved reading the poem and added to my poem list
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