(10) Delivered Back To Reality

Poem By JoJo Bean

They say your life will flash before your eyes
when you are pushed beyond the threshold
of what your mind can comprehend

In a matter of seconds
the oncoming car loses control
and crosses the yellow lined barrier
of my moment in time

That car spinning out of control triggers instincts that take over
Slamming the brakes and trying to veer away from a head on collision
only to meet the large oak who's roots
have taken the road as it's bed now

Car meets tree...
Another car hits your rear...
Time fragments...
Airbag deploys...
Powder fills the air adding to the dream like quality

Jumping from fast forward to freeze frame
The dust settles
and now you have the time to take it all in

Funny how time stops
and you feel nothing...
even hear nothing...

You wonder if you have passed out...
You wonder if you fell asleep...
you wonder if you are still alive...


And then the pains
deliver you back to reality.........


If I hadn't been wearing mine
I wouldn't be here telling you

Comments about (10) Delivered Back To Reality

A most inspiring didactic poem written in a very creative awesome way. Yeah seatbelts are vital. And nobody should drink drive too. I liked how u portrayed the near death experience for us. Kudos. Pls do review my latest poem too
glad to hear you are alive and well...
next time, be extra careful sis.. Hugs, Big Sis

2,5 out of 5
1 total ratings

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