10 Things I Hate About You

I hate how you left me without any sign,
I hate that you moved on without saying goodbye,
I hate how your smile makes me give in,
I hate that your always making me want to caress your skin,
I hate how you can't talk to me when she's around,
I hate that when she leaves you look me up and down,
I hate how you made a mark in my heart,
I hate that you let us drift apart,
I hate how when I say I hate you I don't really mean it,
But most of all....
I hate how you know I can't hate you.....
And never will.

by nina komar

Comments (5)

i felt liek that alot of times and i could tell how you feel great poem by the way! ! 2 thumbs up -curly
wow i know excaltly how you feel cuz i feel the same when bout sumone right now.great job on the poems cuz you got ur point across really clear i know it might be hard to deal with this but it would be better if you tried to move on....it might take you awhile bout it sumthin you gotta do to be completely happy
great poem.. but we all stick to some one who wants to play games and can't amke up their mind!
You made a give-away statement here..... just given yourself away to your love.... but, I suggest move-on... you have a beautiful and honest heart... do not waste it! ...
I understand what you mean. It never gets easy, but there are people there for you i hope.