10 Years From Now

10 years from now will you remember me,
Will you hate me,
Or date me,
Or be late to my funeral,
I waited to long,
I kept on pushing you away,
Can you see the world in my eyes,
There is sadness between us,
I need something to tell me that you’ll be happy once more or I should be happy once more,
I never did try or you never try to get to know me,
There is forces cures in each world we are in,
We are so alone but different yet the same person we are,
10 years from now,
Will you know the truth about how I feel about you before its too late,
I lurk in the darkness,
Losing my path,
You need to face what you become towards me,
I need to face what I have become towards you,
We are different and I know that,
But 10 years from now will you marry me or still hate me.

by Jennifer Rondeau

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Comments (10)

10 years from now I hope everything is fine. Health & happiness awaits us with good cheer....
I can see the persona in many young people especially here at college asking this rhetoric question in their mind. Nice poem.
In your writing I can see my wn daughter with her realtionship of off and on with a guy she really loves...and yes in 10 years they'll be married or apart always wondering what if? great write
Very interesting, Jen. I like the tone, the musing on what will be. Don
Impressive, Jen. Good to see your perspective on the future.
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